Libya – unacceptable bloodshed.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called on the Libyan government on Tuesday to stop « unacceptable bloodshed » amid media reports of a brutal crackdown on protests in major cities. « We join the international… Lire la suite

Islamists kills Christians.

A Polish priest Marek Rybinski was murdered in the Tunisian capital Friday, state media cited the Interior Ministry as saying, the latest sign of rising religious tension since last month’s revolution. Priest was… Lire la suite

Stop mordowania chrześcijan.

Ksiądz Marek Rybiński został brutalnie zamordowany w Tunisie przez ekstrmistów islamskich z inspiracji Al-Kaidy w pobliżu ośrodka misji salezjańskiej w tym kraju. Ksiądz Marek Rybiński pracował w Tunezji trzy lata, a kapłanem był… Lire la suite

Alternative Vote Explained

Pope Benedict XVI met with D. Medvedev

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev with familly paid his first official visit to the Vatican on Thursday and met with Pope Benedict XVI. After the meeting, Medvedev introduced his spouse, Svetlana, and other members… Lire la suite

ACHTUNG ! Totalitarians in Europe.

The European Parliament has criticized Russia’s judiciary over its lack of independence and impartiality, and expressed concern over politically motivated trials. In a resolution passed on Thursday, the European Parliament cited the « questionable… Lire la suite

Tusk’s promotion SONY.

Seiji Maehara’s diplomatic war.

Foreign Minister Seiji Maehara rebuffed Tuesday a warning by a high-ranking Russian official that it would become  »pointless » to continue bilateral talks over disputed islands off Hokkaido if Tokyo maintains a hard-line approach.… Lire la suite

Meanness Union

First Poland, next Japan, after China ?

Japan plans to track Russia’s military presence on the south Kuril Islands, Japanese Defense Minister Toshimi Kitazawa said Tuesday. « There’s the tendency of Russia boosting its military activity [on south Kurils]. We need… Lire la suite