FreeDOM dla Norberta Kubickiego.

Norbert Kubicki bezprawnie aresztowany i ścigany za to, że bronił Krzyża. Modlił się pod nim i zwierzęta przyszły mu ten Krzyż zabrać. Więc ich odganiał, jak odgania się zwierzęta, czym popadnie. Miał znicze… Lire la suite

Kadafi’s friends in Poland.

Buzek, Barroso and his center of human trafficking in EU.

With human trafficking knowing no borders, anti-trafficking experts from regional and sub-regional organizations met for the first time in a United Nations-backed forum to discuss how to join forces to counter the scourge.… Lire la suite

NATO’s aircraft plan.

NATO aircraft plan to fly 198 sorties over Libya on Wednesday, which would be the highest for a single day since NATO assumed full command of operations on March 31, the alliance’s spokeswoman… Lire la suite

Rassembler les Francais; annoncee N. Sarkozy.

PARIS – L`évacuation massive de civils, qui n`était toujours pas à l`ordre du jour lundi en Côte d`Ivoire, est une opération délicate que les forces françaises ont déjà conduite avec succès en 2004… Lire la suite

Sushi – bon appetit.

Japan’s Fisheries Ministry has found high levels of radioactive iodine and cesium in fish caught near the troubled Fukushima nuclear power plant, Kyodo news agency reported on Tuesday. One kilogram of young launce… Lire la suite

Indonesia underwater’s quake.

A magnitude 6.7 earthquake hit southern Indonesia off the island of Java early on Monday, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) reported. Thousands fled their homes but there have so far been no reports… Lire la suite

Undefeated Black Caviar best Sprinter in the world.

Australian superstar Black Caviar is officially the world’s best racehorse following the release of the first international rankings for 2011. The International Federations of Horse Authorities (IFHA) began its World Thoroughbred Rankings (WTR)… Lire la suite

On 2 April, Pope John Paul II died.

The Pope’s last word before death was « Amen »; then he closed his eyes. In his private apartments, at 21:37 CEST (19:37 UTC) on 2 April, Pope John Paul II died. Pope John Paul… Lire la suite

Fukushima’s nuclear reactor.

It is now believed leaks seeping into the soil, fresh water and the sea are continuous. Radiation has found its way into local produce, milk and tap water as far as Tokyo, 220km… Lire la suite